Natal gives a price scare, will offer a color choice?

A few Project Natal rumors today.

First up is one originating from some Swedish retailers who’ve listed the motion device with a somewhat scary 1500 SEK price (amounts to $200/£130). Thankfully, these numbers were quickly shot down as ‘purely speculative’.

“Our retail partners are not yet aware of details on pricing for ‘Project Natal’ and pre-order placeholders are purely speculation,” Xbox product director Aaron Greenberg said in response to PlanetXbox360’s queries on the matter. Close call.

The other rumor: the device may come bearing a choice; black or white.

Natal has so far always been demoed as a black unit, as seen from the image above. German site Videogamezone has however spotted and snapped a few shots of a not-quite-as-slick-looking white unit; the Xbox 360 itself comes in black and white so it stands to reason that Microsoft will allow consumers to color-coordinate.

The new base seems to be thicker as well, perhaps to better house those motorized innards.

All in all, the facts should come to light in a few weeks. Microsoft’s Natal-focused press conference is held on June 13.