“Complicated” Zelda to be more “player friendly”

E3 is coming sooner rather than later, and that means we’re finally going to get more information on that new Zelda doohickey on Wii. That’s probably keeping Shiggy and producer Eiji Aonuma pretty busy at the moment, and the big thing they are promising this time around is a more user friendly experience. “For us, it is important to optimise gameplay and make the controls easier. We do our best to make the controls player friendly, since ‘Zelda’ has become complicated.”

Still, the only solid (if that) piece of info we have on the game is the painting Mr. Miyamoto brought to E3 last year, and he decided to tease the fans just a little bit more by saying, “This image plays an important role in the plot. At E3 you will see what I mean.”