Square Enix has stellar year, Final Fantasy XIII sales at 5.5 million

According to Square Enix’s recent financial report, JRPG Final Fantasy XIII has sold 5.55 million copies worldwide since its Japanese debut late last year. The number is split fairly evenly per region: 1.85 million for Japan, 1.79 million for North America, 1.77 million for Europe and 0.14 million for Asia/other.

Overall, last year was a very good one for the publisher. Profits were up 50% and the company saw its biggest sales and earnings since the 2003 merger of Square and Enix.

Other big sellers next to Final Fantasy XIII were the Japan-exclusive Dragon Quest IX (4.26 million) and Batman: Arkham Asylum (3.24 million worldwide).

In total, the company shifted 26.66 million copies of their games.