Ubisoft may follow EA’s ‘project ten dollar’

Ubisoft is likely to take after EA’s ‘project ten dollar’ approach and begin offering day one downloadable content to combat used games sales, CFO Alain Martinez has revealed.

The tactic entails the inclusion of a code for 10 dollars worth of additional content in every new copy of a given game. Since previous owners will likely have already used the code, purchasers looking to avoid a fully priced wrapped product will have to pay an additional $10 should they want to download the extra goods.

According to Martinez, “most of” Ubisoft’s future titles “will have downloadable content available from the start,” and replicating what EA is doing may not be far off.

“We are looking very carefully at what is being done by EA regarding what we call the ‘$10 solution,'” he said on a conference call today, “and we will probably follow that line at sometime in the future.”

EA’s already taken it a step further though; the online component in all future EA Sports titles will be activated via a code. Those who buy their sports games as used will have to purchase that code online, for $10.