Visceral staffing for Dante’s Inferno 2?

EA’s Visceral Games studio is looking to hire an environment artist, superannuation has noticed. That’s not the interesting bit though. The interesting bit is that they’re looking to fill the position for a project that’s “the sequel to a major new IP”. And since Dead Space doesn’t quite qualify as a new intellectual property anymore, our fingers are pointing squarely at you, Dante’s Inferno.

So far, EA’s take on the epic poem has sold “almost” a million copies, performance the publisher says is ‘solid‘ despite a challenging market.

It may be difficult to see where the game might go next, but it’s a problem executive producer Jonathan Knight has already said he’d welcome. “That’s a problem I’d like to have,” he said late last year, “and if we’re lucky enough to solve it, we’ll go about solving it.”

Problematic times ahead for  then, quite possibly.

The job ad also notes that EA is “100% committed to this IP, and the IP into film, television, comics, graphic novels, action figures, and the web.”