Halo: Reach beta extended, is popular

The Halo: Reach beta has proven to be quite the attraction, as expected. It’s so popular that it makes the Halo 3 beta and Master Chief seem like a silly little men in comparison; an expression, right?

According to a Machinima video which details the stats (below), Reach‘s beta drew in more participants in just one day than the Halo 3 beta did in its 21 days combined. On the first day alone over 14 million games were played, which adds up to a cumulative 30 years, and 157 million kills. And it’ll continue for an extra day.

The beta was originally scheduled to end today, though Bungie has went and extended it by another day. Says community director Brian Jarrard: “Our official plans as of now are to turn off the Reach beta on Thursday, 5/20 at 10AM PDT.”