Harmonix: Rock Band 3 is “big”

It’s no surprise anymore that there’s a Rock Band 3 in the works. It’s coming this holiday, after all. But if developer Harmonix has a say in the matter, we will be surprised by how “big” the game is.

In a recent blog post lead designer Dan Teasdale played up the next installment in the series. “Stay tuned over the next few weeks and months as we chat about some of the in-depth details that make up Rock Band 3“, he said. “I think you’ll be surprised at just how big this game really is.”

If we want to read between the lines we could interpret “big” as meaning important rather than thinking about it as a reference to size. Either way, it’ll be interesting to see what Harmonix has in store for the genre as it has begun to feel stagnate as of late.

Between this and other comments from CEO Alex Rigopulos, expectations for the game are starting to rise. Hopefully they can follow through and deliver.