Modern Warfare 2 DLC breaks PSN records, too

As it did on the Xbox 360, Modern Warfare 2‘s Stimulus Package downloadable content has broken both day one and week one records on PlayStation Network.

As written earlier, the content’s release on May 5 was the reason behind PlayStation Network’s “biggest day to date,” but now we can attach a number to that success: 1 million +.

Tweets Infinity Ward community man Robert Bowling, “Thanks to the 1 Million+ @playstation users who helped the Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Package break day 1 & week 1 download records on PSN!”

To compare, the five multiplayer maps that make up the package sold over a million units on day one and 2.5 million in a week a month earlier on Xbox Live.

The second map pack, Resurgence, will be released as a timed Xbox-exclusive on June 3rd, for 1200MS Points ($15).