PS3 not bought for its exclusives, research says

Exclusive PlayStation 3 games are not system sellers. At least that’s what new research from Nielsen Games tells us. And not only that, the release of a new title is actually said to be the least motivating factor when picking up a new console; consumers place far more weight on Blu-ray, price reductions and the console’s online capabilities.

The survey that produced the results questioned 700 participants aged 7-54, all of whom at the time did not own a PS3 but were “definitely” or “probably” interested in picking one up in the next six months.

Even though conducted around the time of God of War III‘s release, only 12 percent of participants said they’d buy the system because of a single game. A third of that 12% saw Kratos’ latest as the title they’d want the most. Heavy Rain, Modern Warfare 2, LittleBigPlanet, Gran Turismo 5 and Final Fantasy XIII were also mentioned.

Blu-ray (65%), the recent price cuts (63%) and the PS3 game library as a whole (62%) were seen as far more important though.