Tomb Raider developer supports EA’s ‘project ten dollar’

Another developer has spoken out against the used games market.

Following recent comments from Blitz Games co-founder Andrew Oliver who called pre-owned games a larger threat than console piracy, Tomb Raider developer Crystal Dynamics’ Karl Stewart has now revealed his beliefs that EA’s ‘project ten dollar’ tactic is the way forward.

“Some of the plays that have been made more recently about having DLC available when you buy the game and then adding a charge to the consumer who buys it second hand, I think that’s just naturally the way it’s going to have to go to deal with these kinds of situations,” the global brand director said.

“At the end of the day we take huge risks and we invest ten of millions of dollars making a game and marketing a game and to think, stock turn wise, we could sell one but four people could play it, I just think that’s something we have to manage very carefully.”

French publisher Ubisoft agrees as well. CEO Yves Guillemot revealed just yesterday that the company is “looking very carefully” at what EA is doing and “will probably follow that line”.