GameStop moving ahead with in-store DLC

Before the year’s out, GameStop will be offering downloadable content in all their US-based brick and mortar stores, the company’s confirmed, allowing it to promote and sell digital add-on content such as map packs to its customers alongside boxed games.

The news comes from COO Paul Raines who’s announced that the program will launch with 35 stores at the end of the month and will grow until all US stores are included, which is expected to happen by the end of the year.

The extra content will be added to users’ Xbox Live and PlayStation Network accounts at the point of sale and can be paid for with “any form of tender, including trade credits,” which, the way Raines sees it, allows to eliminate “a lot of the friction of searching and discovering content online, and will bring the power of buy, sell, trade to the digital sale.”

He adds: “We’ve been working on the technology for DLC for well over a year. We’ve had to create propriety point-of-sale technology in partnership with Microsoft to be able to show that DLC catalog at retail.”

“This is something that we feel like the industry is moving our way, and our investments are starting to really be timely and publishers see us as the destination for sale of DLC in stores.”