Harmonix given the time to ‘evolve’ Rock Band, unlike “those other guys”

Unlike “those other guys,” jabs MTV Games executive VP and general manager Scott Guthrie, Harmonix has been allowed to take their time to ‘evolve’ the Rock Band franchise; something we’ll be seeing at E3 next month and the reason why there hasn’t been a numerical sequel since 2008.

“At E3, you’ll see that Harmonix has spent two years on an engine upgrade and creating the next evolution of Rock Band,” Guthrie’s told MCV.

“Unlike the other guy, we haven’t been bringing a new game out every year. Sure, last year we had [The Beatles: Rock Band] but that was more about the content. This time we have lots of great, new music and some new consumer features you will find interesting.”

Far from the first time the game’s been talked up, either. Past quotes have pegged Rock Band 3 as “big” and “a pretty significant level up,” all without a formal announcement that the game even exists.

A post on Rock Band‘s official site by lead designer Dan Teasdale adds more: “the next big leap in music gaming,” “revolutionary,” “the ultimate music game”. I think we get it.

It’s expected in ‘holiday 2010‘.