Professional wrestler Samoa Joe would like to hit Roger Ebert with the Musclebuster

The whole Roger Ebert hullabaloo has been causing some rather passionate discussion as of late, but one voice you might not have expected to chime in on the subject would be former TNA World Heavyweight Champion Samoa Joe. It seems the Samoan submission machine likes to wind down with some videogames when he’s not competing in world class matches, and after putting some time in on a couple of excellent titles, he felt the need to chime in via his twitter account:

“Roger Ebert once said Videogames will never be ‘art’ like film. After Playing Red Dead & Uncharted 2, You could never be more wrong sir.”

He went on to call Uncharted 2: Among Thieves “the best action flick I saw all last year!” and said of Red Dead Redemption, “…the best Multiplayer sandbox game ever. The single player is top notch”. Apparently he is also aware of the attention his little tweets are getting, as he would go on to say, “Please note my tweet about the games were more in praise of the developers than a critique on Mr Ebert. Just showing appreciation as a fan”.