Red Dead Redemption a success even before it’s out, Pachter admits misjudging

Mass Effect 2? BioShock 2? God of War III? Battlefield: Bad Company 2? Alan Wake? Heavy Rain? Nah.

Red Dead Redemption. has labeled the Rockstar’s latest “undoubtedly the most hotly anticipated video game of the year so far”. And since the game’s not out in the UK until tomorrow, that’s based on pre-orders only.

Says the online retailer’s Director of Video Games Chris Poad, “Demand has risen significantly over the last week as excitement and buzz around the game has built, making it one of the most successful titles we have seen on this year before it has even been released.”

The game currently occupies three of the top five positions on the games chart: Xbox 360 version at number 1, PlayStation 3 at second, and the PS3’s Limited Edition at fourth.

Also, in light of the game’s successes, Michael Pachter has admitted the error in his ways. Some time ago the Wedbush analyst praised the game’s quality but doubted its mass market appeal. But now: “I have been sceptical [for] a long time, but they always believed that a Western, if done well, would sell well. It looks like they were right all along. Nobody can doubt that they made a great game.”

“I suppose we should call them visionaries,” he says.

The game’s out in North America now and will be released in Europe tomorrow.