Killzone 3 is coming, first details

Jack Tretton promised it to us a while back, and now we know it to be true; Killzone 3 is making its way to PS3. The latest issue of Gamepro revealed all, including several scans and a few tidbits of info about what’s to come. Early rumors about utilizing 3D and the Move controller appear to be true, and the 3D effects are reported to be incredibly impressive.

On the gameplay side of things there’s set to be a lot of snow levels among the promised “diverse locations”. Developer Guerrilla Games have also thrown in jetpacks this time around, which are apparently meant to be light-weight and easy to use, unlike almost any other aspect of a Killzone game. A new weapon comes in the form of The¬†Wasp, and the last time that name was used as a weapon it served as a mini-nuke in Red Faction 2 so that can only be a good thing.

When will we see the first footage for ourselves? Probably at that small little event called E3 in a few weeks. All eyes on Resistance 3 and inFamous 2 now.