More planet scans in Mass Effect 3

Love it or hate it, Mass Effect 2‘s planet mining mini-game will make a return in the trilogy’s final chapter. Though going by BioWare’s Casey Hudson’s explanation of its inclusion, it will have changes to fit the different feedback.

“..when you look at the feedback, there are things that people liked about it, and functionally it serves a purpose,” the lead producer has told Videogamer.

“I don’t think there’s a problem with any of those. I think it’s the way people relied on it, and the way we relied on it maybe too much in parts of the story. And also just when you think about the speed of it.”

Scanning planets and gathering resources was necessary if players wished to upgrade their ship, weapons and armor, but also to find side missions.

Hudson says the pre-launch feedback on the feature was positive, with testers calling it “strangely addictive” and “kind of therapeutic”.

“But there were different personality types, too,” he adds.

“And one of the personality types that we hadn’t encountered was there were a lot of people that when they know that they can go and get resources through something like that, they literally want to mine the entire galaxy that night. And then, yeah, when you spend eight hours in a mini-game, it does becomeā€¦ there’s only so much to it. And we never expected that it’d be played that way. We thought people would noodle in it a bit, get a few resources to get an upgrade, and then go back and do the rest of the game.”