Red Dead crisis in the UK

Red Dead Redemption releases in Europe today, and going by reports those in the UK may want to pick up their copies as soon as possible.

According to several major UK retailers, the game is facing serious shortages. Several GAME and HMV retailers have sold out of the PlayStation 3 version or expect to do so by the end of the day. Xbox 360 users need not worry though, as the retailers say there are plenty of both standard and Limited editions available.

Asda has no stock of either versions (they recommend calling to check) and — who yesterday said the title is “undoubtedly the most hotly anticipated video game of the year” — has run out of the PS3 version; only copies available are through the user-run marketplace.

The Hut, and all should still have copies of both versions available.

According to ShopTo CEO Igor Cipolletta “there is a massive shortage in the market,” so bottom line: hurry.