Want Dead Space 3? Buy Dead Space 2!

Sales for the original Dead Space weren’t exactly through the roof, but it was enough to grant the game a sequel. Steve Papoutsis, executive producer at EA thinks the franchise could easily go on past Dead Space 2 as well, as long as people want more.

Speaking at EA’s recent event in London, Papoutsis was quick to assure fans they wouldn’t “cheapen” the series, “Just like with anything, you get to a point where it’s like, ‘ah, another one?’ We don’t ever want that to happen with Dead Space. So we’re going to take it one step at a time.”

We all know that some franchises have suffered from rapid releases in recent years, and considering just how good the Dead Space games have been up until now, it’d be a real shame to see it fall from grace.

“We’ve mapped out plenty of games worth of stuff. But there has to be an interest, right? We don’t want to cheapen what we’re doing. We’re really focused on quality with it. Hopefully if people like this one, we get to make another one.”

So if Dead Space 2 is a hit it’ll be safe to assume that Isaac will continue his adventures past the blockbuster sequel.