Naughty Dog lends a friendly hand in Killzone 3 development

Developers rarely combine forces in the game industry. Most of the time you get instances that seem more like marketing than actual constructive collaboration, or it’s just good-natured IP-sharing fun. But when they actually join forces to make something neat and new? Not so common. So when word hits that Uncharted 2 developer Naughty Dog is lending a hand in the development of Killzone 3, it can definitely raise an eyebrow.

The game is still original developer Guerrilla Games’ baby at the end of the day, though. What Naughty Dog is reportedly contributing is their apparently awesome engine-developing skills. Word is the Killzone 3 graphics are going to be driven by “the same development blocks as multi-award winning Uncharted 2.” One can only hope this means for a potent mix.

Of course, we just heard that Killzone 3 officially exists yesterday, so the details are slim at the moment. But with E3 right around the corner, it’s hard to imagine that lasting much longer.