Secondhand market “very frustrating” says SCEA’s Dyer

As of late, the secondhand games market has been under heavy scrutiny by pretty much everyone in the industry, including SCEA SVP of publisher relations Rob Dyer. Although EA and THQ have already set things in motion with programs that involves VIP codes with new game purchases, Dyer has yet to form a solid opinion about the matter.

“I have very mixed emotions about [one-time use codes in new games],” Dyer says. “I am a big believer in encouraging the gamer to have a reason to hold onto [a game] and to continue to play, and for the publisher to be able to see something if there is a second sale, because right now, for years, as a publisher, we saw nothing [from used sales]. Very frustrating.”

But despite Dyer’s skepticism, he’s not completely ruling out these programs. The economy over the last few years have hit hard and it’s understandable that the secondhand market might be the logical choice among consumers. However, he’d be more than willing to have a talk with retailers, such as GameStop, about how to come up with a solution that would benefit all partners involved.

“I’m happy to debate merits, pros, and cons with folks at GameStop and have that discussion because again, I’ve sat on the other side and I’ve seen what can happen. People need to see a way to monetize that second sale.”