The MMO Round-Up / May 23

The MMO Round-up captures the genre’s most notable happenings of the week in easy to consume, bite-sized portions.

Torchlight publisher Perfect World Entertainment has acquired the majority in Torchlight developer Runic Games.

Do you find Champions Online to be too hard at times? Well good news, they’re adding in difficulty sliders just for you!

APB Community Manager Chris Collins talks about game customization and music in a recent video interview.

Another one bites the dust, NIDA shut down this week. Lets have a moment of silence for another fallen MMO.

Jade Dynasty got into the mood for teasing and revealed the first details for their next expansion.

Never a good sign, Aion announced server merges and gave the release date for the 1.9 patch for Europe and North America.

The Chapter III update for Runes of Magic released this week.

Always a good sign, Battle of the Immortals announced they’ll be launching a fourth server.

Busy much? Ubisoft has its hands in 5 new MMOs that are in development.

ArenaNet expanded on the dynamic events system that will be featured in Guild Wars 2.

More raids please! Two new raid zones coming later this month for Everquest II.

Big changes came to Warhammer Online this week, too many to list here so just check out the patch notes.

The XP woes promise to be fixed in Aion’s 1.9 patch, at least according to an official community update.

Emergent Technologies, made famous by powering games like Fallout 3, have partnered up with Korean developer Gorilla Banana to make an MMO called Red Blood.

Players will be seeing Hoth as a zone in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Yes it’s totally awesome.

Funcom’s Ragnar Tournquist answered some questions about The Secret World on their official forums.

Perhaps taking a page out of World of Warcraft’s book, Everquest II released a special mount that’s purchasable for $25.

The future for Fallen Earth has been previewed. Fast travel, weather effects and rare spawns among some of the coming additions.

TERA Online screenshots and a character creation video for the ogling have been released.

Get your beta opt-ins ready, Blizzard told players to get ready as the Cataclysm public beta is right around the corner.