BFBC2 stats show what console players like

Players need to be spotting more in Battlefield: Bad Company 2. So show stats DICE has gathered from the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of the shooter.

On both consoles, spotting is dead last on the list of activities (detailed below) otherwise dominated by resupplies, repairs and revives. Leading them all however, naturally, are kills; 1,398,249,600 for the PS3 version, 1,937,940,576 for the Xbox 360.

But seriously, those not yet aware of spotting: click and watch. Really.

PlayStation 3
Total Bodycount: 1,398,249,600
Total Time Played in hours: 33,821,001
Total Dog Tags: 48,877,238
Total Resupplies: 103,791,348
Total Repairs: 59,556,406
Total Revives: 71,397,406
Total Spots: 20,473,549

Xbox 360
Total Bodycount: 1,937,940,576
Total Time Played in hours: 45,894,223
Total Dog Tags: 58,811,177
Total Resupplies: 146,294,744
Total Repairs: 101,453,514
Total Revives: 107,925,128
Total Spots: 25,470,598