EA wants more Crysis, has mutual “unwritten loyalty” with Crytek

EA has (very) big hopes for Crytek’s latest.

EA Partners general manager David DeMartini believes Crysis 2 — aka EA’s Halo killer — to be a title that should be put in the same category as Bungie’s next, Call of Duty: Black Ops, and EA’s own top shooters of the year, “as the greatest game of the year”.

“The funny thing about Crysis is that people get so enamoured with how great it looks – and it does – it sometimes get labelled as ‘the best looking game’,” DeMartini says, “as opposed to what actually should be its title, which is ‘the best game.'”

Looking beyond Crysis 2, the future of the series appears half written; the executive is “confident” that the series and EA’s relationship with Crytek will continue.

“We continue to fulfil what we promised [Crytek] … they are fantastic partners and incredibly loyal.”

He further added: “With regards to our ongoing relationships with Crytek and future Crysis games – absolutely. We’re always very interested in anything that they’re doing. But the nature of our relationship with them is – to some degree – unwritten loyalty to each other.”

Crysis 2 is expected to hit the shops later this year, on Xbox 360, PlayStation, and PC.