Majority of UK’s Red Dead Redemption sales on the 360

65 percent of those UK chart-topping Red Dead Redemption sales came from the Xbox 360 version, data gathered by GfK Chart-Track shows.

Director Dorian Bloch has told CVG that the Rockstar game “is the biggest title of the year so far and assuredly 360-led.” Whether or not the reported shortage issues played into it, he wouldn’t speculate.

Chart-Track’s news burst earlier in the day said the overall sales of the westerner “are enough to rank No11 in terms of best ever weekly sales on this particular chart (9th best in terms of 360 titles, 11th best in terms of PS3 titles).” After BioShock 2, it’s also publisher Take-Two’s second chart topper so far this year, and Rockstar’s first since Grand Theft Auto IV in 2008.