Development on the next Splinter Cell begins

Ubisoft’s recently-opened Toronto studio has started work on the next Splinter Cell game, a Gamasutra feature on the studio has revealed.

“We’re really happy to be able to tell the world that the Toronto studio’s first big franchise title is the next Splinter Cell game,” general manager Jade Raymond said in an interview. “Splinter Cell has become synonymous with innovative gameplay, great design, and one of the most beloved characters in games.”

The new studio has brought over a lot of talent from Splinter Cell: Conviction developer Ubisoft Montreal; “All of the core team,” according to Raymond. That includes Conviction producer Alex Parizeau as production head and Maxime Beland as creative director.

The Toronto studio also has a second, yet-to-be-announced “triple-A” project, led by Wet developer A2M producer Lesley Phord-Toy. This one is said to be produced in co-production with Ubisoft Montreal.

Time frames for the projects weren’t given.