Rumor: Monetized PSN called PSN+

Sony revealing a PlayStation Network monetization plan at E3 is rumored once more.

According to sources of Joystiq, the new service will be called PSN+ and will give paying customers additional services — previously rumored to include perks like a monthly free PSN game — while keeping online play free-of-charge.

The additions are said to include a rotating list of PSP Minis and PSone Classics, exclusive downloadable content, PlayStation Store discounts, auto-patching, the PlayStation Protection Plan, cross-game voice chat and “first hour” demo access to full retail releases (Sony patented a ‘degradable demo‘ earlier in the year).

One source priced the service at $9.99 per month; Sony of course does not “comment on rumors or speculation.”

PSN+ is expected to be announced during Sony’s E3 press briefing on June 15.