Suda 51 has “no plan” for No More Heroes 3?

There will be no more No More Heroes according to enigmatic game creator Suda51, who revealed in an interview with GoNintendo that No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle draws the story of anime-lover turned hired killer Travis Touchdown to a close.

“Unfortunately, the story for Travis alone is completed in No More Heroes 2. I am very curious about his life after this; however, we have no plan for No More Heroes 3,” said the series’ punk-rock progenitor, though this announcement doesn’t necessarily rule out Travis’ appearance in other games.

Goichi Suda has previously stated his desire to turn Travis Touchdown into a “huge gaming star,” hoping to get the beam katana-wielding otaku into other popular titles like Super Smash Bros. Then again, he has also previously stated his desire make No More Heroes “a big franchise,” and look how that’s turning out. As much as I would love to see another No More Heroes game, I can’t see the series standing on its own apart from its unlikely pornography-loving protagonist. Probably for the best that Grasshopper Manufacture is working on other projects if, in keeping with the creator’s colorful fecal metaphor, the third installment was going to be “just like diarrhea” anyway.