Mafia II gets collectoi’s edition and pre-oider bonuses

Just in case you’re wondering, I can spell; I was just hoping that title sounded like a gangster was saying it.

Anyway, it’s Collector’s Edition time. This month/week/day/hour it’s 2K’s gangster epic, Mafia II. What do we get for a few dollars more?

It looks like Mafia II is set to run the usual gauntlet of stuff with a SteelBook casing, soundtrack, art book and game map. There’s also a free piece of DLC titled ‘Made Man Pack’ which gives you two new car models and two new costumes.

That’s not all though; there are some niffty pre-order bonuses too depending on where you place your order. Go to GameStop and you’ll get two free packs that offer two new vehicles and costumes each, one themed on Vegas, the other around the Military. The Renegade Pack available from Amazon offers, you guessed it, two more vehicles and costumes. Best Buy has the Greaser Pack which… oh you get the picture.

Looking for some variety? Walmart will give you a $10 gift card for your order… it didn’t say what vehicles and costumes would come with that.

August 24th is when Mafia II launches in the US, 27th for everyone else.