Rock Band 3 adds piano to growing plastic peripheral collection

Harmonix has come one step closer to making my dream of Sousaphone Hero a reality by teasing the addition of ivory tickling to Rock Band 3.

If the above screen grab from the end of Xbox Live’s recently released Green Day: Rock Band demo is any indication, all future iterations of the plastic peripheral-heavy franchise will now allow for the addition of a keyboard player alongside your guitarist, bassist, drummer and three-part harmonizing singers. No word on whether the new controller will lean more towards piano, keyboard or fingers crossed, keytar in terms of its design. As long as they don’t look toward the accordion for inspiration, I am sure the new hardware will look good with my proudly displayed collection of fake plastic instruments. What’s really exciting are the implications in terms of expanded musical selection.

Forget Elton and Billy, let’s get the ball rolling on Rock Band: Rockmaninoff.