Two Worlds II trailer debuts

SouthPeak has released the debut trailer for the reportedly much-improved Two Worlds sequel, the “out of this worldTwo Worlds II.

Along with the trailer comes news of Gamestop pre-order goods that offer an exclusive sword and locked area with two extra hours of gameplay. Why? According to publisher SouthPeak’s VP of marketing Richard Iggo, and all around crazy person: “For a while, we considered offering horse armor or something painted gold. However, we became worried that people would be overwhelmed with excitement. So with the welfare of the gaming world weighing heavily on our minds, we chose a badass weapon and in-game area instead. These things actually affect your game experience with stats, abilities and quest experiences that you’ll find useful and dare I say it – sexy. After all, what’s better than 60 slashing damage, 110 lightning damage, 85 poison damage and an increase to all resistance skills? Not much I say!”

The “astronepic” RPG is out this fall; September 14 in North America and 17 in the UK.