Beyond Good & Evil 2 canned, or out in six months?

Beyond Good & Evil creator Michael Ancel has allegedly left Ubisoft Montpellier, the studio behind the 2003 cult favorite, French site Wootgaming writes. Sources close to the developer have allegedly revealed that internal problems which occurred during the sequel’s development have pushed Ancel — along with another ‘star developer’ — to step away and found their own gaming studio.

If true, it could mean mighty sad news for the oddly announcedoff again on againBeyond Good & Evil 2 as it’s believed the game may now be on hold or even canceled.

However, in somewhat contradictory news, the sequel has been spotted on retailers Amazon and Play‘s websites where it is available for pre-order now. The sites list the game with late 2010 / early 2011 release dates; perhaps the creative bits on BG&E2 have been wrapped up then and Ancel is simply making future plans?

To add to the frustration of not knowing, Ubisoft revealed its E3 line-up earlier today and next to Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood, Ghost Recon: Future Warrior, Shaun White Skateboarding and the next Driver game, said to expect “many other titles that are yet to be announced.”

But, to make things at least seem cheery, the Montpellier deep throats say both parties are expected to make official comments on Ancel’s departure in around two weeks’ time which, as luck would have it, is just around the time of E3.

We’ll just keep holding our breaths then.