EA welcomes THQ Partners

EA has welcomed rival publisher THQ’s recently announced THQ Partners initiative, but warns that success with third-party developers doesn’t come overnight.

EA itself has been running a similar program — EA Partners — for quite a while and has worked with big names like Valve, Crytek, Epic Games, and more recently signed up former Infinity Ward heads’ new Respawn Entertainment studio and former PlayStation-exclusive developer Insomniac Games and their new multiplatform property.

“We welcome the competition as broad support for independent development is very healthy for our industry,” EA Partners general manager David DeMartini says of THQ’s entry.

“It’s great to see other publishers stepping up their support for independent developers like EA Partners has been doing for the past 15 years. Fortunately for us, publishing and sales excellence is key to the success of these programs – and that doesn’t happen overnight.”

THQ has not announced any partnerships yet but expects to begin scouting at next month’s E3.