“Ridiculous” DRM systems a sign of a “scared” market, Just Cause 2 developer says

Add one more to the ‘nay’ column; Swedish Just Cause 2 developer Avalanche Studios’ co-founder Christofer Sundberg believes that many of the current DRM solutions, Ubisoft’s always-connected system among them, is a sign of a ‘market running scared’ and that such approaches only end up hurting the paying customer.

“Games have become a luxurious form of entertainment and piracy has scared the market to start implementing ridiculous DRM solutions that only limits the consumers that actually PAY for their games, not stopping the pirates,” Sundberg says.

With “PC sales constantly dropping,” he adds, the remaining group of dedicated PC gamers “deserve” games that have been crafted specifically for them.

“If we constantly keep on delivering console ports and not games design for the PC player, the PC market will suffer from bad sales, piracy and bad DRM solutions … I wish that future PC projects are treated just the same way as we would treat Wii, PSP or DS – they are treated as separate projects in order to deliver a different but equally entertaining experience to all players.”

Reps from Blizzard and Namco Bandai have also recently given their views on today’s DRM methods; the former sees the whole thing as “a losing battle” while the latter is more supportive, even calling Ubisoft’s controversial system “a good strategy“.