Analyst: Ubisoft DRM gives pirates the better experience

Using Digital Rights Management systems has resulted in those who pirate games getting the better experience than those who actually purchase them legally, analyst Nicholas Lovell believes.

His comments are specifically about Ubisoft’s much discussed always-connected way of doing DRM, an approach he calls “crazy”.

“It seems crazy to me that Ubisoft didn’t emulate Steam, which by some estimates has more than half the market, and instead went for their own, draconian system.”

“There is no doubt in my mind that pirates now have a better experience than legitimate consumers.”

What’s the alternative then? Going by Lovell’s views, there are ways to see today’s pirate as tomorrow’s customer; “Give the whole game away entirely for free, make it small and charge for DLC,” he says.

“Slash the marketing budget and rely on pirated copies to spread the word about how good your game is, then charge for additional elements.”