Earthworm Jim getting multiplayer?

We’ve known that Earthworm Jim would be resurrected for the current generation of gaming consoles, both home-based and mobile. We’ve also known that the graphics would be brought up to high res standards and the under the hood stuff reworked to allow for more features. One of those features is apparently a multiplayer mode of some sort.

No concrete details have been released, but a list of achievements found for the old school platformer suggest that we can earn 40 new GamerScore from two multiplayer accomplishments. ‘Groovy Leader’ awards us for being ‘”No.1″ in each Xbox LIVE multiplayer level’ and ‘World Partnership’ wants us to ‘Complete all the Xbox LIVE multiplayer game levels.’

For now we’re left to wonder what sort of multiplayer might be incorporated into one of our most treasured childhood videogame memories. Co-op would be the reasonable expectation, but what has ever been reasonable about a worm hero who uses his head as a whip and launches cows?