Rumored co-op Castlevania gets a rating in Australia

Almost a month ago, we got wind of a possible new Castlevania game. The short of it is that it’s a new 2D game, but the big twist to it is that it will support six-player co-op action, and HD sprites (though they’re reused from previous games). The game was originally imagined to be for the iPhone, but then word was that it was to be an Xbox Live download. While the specific details about the game itself are, as rumors are wont to be, tentative, the actual existence of such a game just got less so.

The Australian ratings board, the OFLC, has recently given Castlevania: Harmony of Despair an “M” rating. What’s more, you’ll notice that the rating page labels the game as an “X-Box” title. To give at least a little heat to the idea that it’s a multiplayer game, one of the reasons for the M rating is the warning that your “gaming experience may change online.”

So it’s gotten a whole lot safer to say the game exists, but not much else. Perhaps E3 will shed some more light in just a couple weeks.