Rumor: Infamous 2 reveal in next month’s ROPS

More signs that Infamous 2 is headed towards an E3 reveal; the Portugese PlayStation: The Official Magazine (abbreviated ROPS in Portugese) is teasing coverage of “a great PlayStation 3 exclusive sequel” for their next month’s issue, and the image attached to it (click) shows a pair of awfully familiar eyes.

The existence of the electrifying sequel has been suggested before as well, both by voice actors not yet familiar with the ways of the internet and domain registrations by Sony itself.

If Cole McGrath is indeed to return this year, Sony’s E3 presser on June 15 is certainly a good place to announce it. Unless the pre-E3 reveal route taken with other big sequels — LittleBigPlanet 2, Killzone 3 — is deemed the better option, that is.