Today’s MMOs ‘have no story, are pointless’, BioWare man says

BioWare designer and writing director Daniel Erickson doesn’t see the point in most MMOs available today; they have ‘no story’ or ‘interesting bits’, he says.

As the first games in the genre arrived, “there was combat, and there were areas, but that was all,” he explains. “There was no story, there was no point. You just kind of wandered around. And that hasn’t really changed all that much over the years.”

A few unnamed recent games have have offered interesting content at the beginning, he further adds, yet it’s “still not the interesting content you’d expect in a single-player game.”

Of course, BioWare aims to change that with their own upcoming MMO, Star Wars: The Old Republic.

“We’ve always had that thought in the back of our heads: That Old Republic should be all the things we thought an MMO would be in the first place – which is all the parts of an RPG. Which means – and this is the most radical idea – it should just be fun. Like, just fun to play. You shouldn’t be trying to ignore all of the content to get to the end as fast as possible.”

In The Old Republic‘s case, there may not even be a point in trying. The game’s creative director James Olhen has previously said that if BioWare succeeds players will feel “like they never run out of content“.