Treyarch “definitely” interested in Move, Natal

Call of Duty: Black Ops developer Treyarch — now 100% focused on the brand — has shown interest in developing something for Sony and Microsoft’s upcoming motion controllers. ‘Definite’ interest, even.

According to community manager Josh Olin, Black Ops is likely to skip the motion controls, but “Natal and Move is definitely something that we would want to craft compelling gameplay around.”

“We wouldn’t want to incorporate Natal and Move technology just to say that we did it – we’d want to make sure that there’s actually some valid gameplay component there,” he added, explaining that combining the traditional controller with the newer tech could be the way to go: “We’ve had people suggest maybe throwing a grenade with a hurling motion of your hand, and that’s a good example of a gameplay mechanic that might work out for a future title,” but again, “there’s no plans for any of that in Black Ops.”