R.U.S.E. may get a second beta, demo

Ubisoft’s deceptive RTS R.U.S.E. may be in for a second round of beta testing.

In a chat with StrategyInformer, senior producer Mathieu Girard confirmed that it’s “something we’ve been thinking about” but cannot announce officially. “You will have to stay tuned in the coming weeks … It is a strong possibility.”

We’ll take that as an unofficial ‘yes’ then.

A demo may be coming as well but, again, “Like for the other beta, this is something that we’re looking very close to it,” creative director Alexis Le Dressay, also on the chat, added.

The game was recently pushed back by four months to allow for additional development time, namely to implement changes based on information gathered from the first beta. It is currently scheduled for a September release.