The Witcher 2 developer on restrictive DRM concerns: ‘Don’t worry’

Namco Bandai’s recent comments on Ubisoft’s DRM — “a good strategy,” they call it — have sparked a bit of speculation on whether or not The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, which the company is publishing in EMEA and Asia Pacific markets, would be using something similar.

Not so, developer CD Projekt RED has assured through social means. “There’s nothing to worry about,” they write on their Facebook page.

“Our distributors commented the Ubisoft-like DRM securilty [sic] solutions, and we’re receiving a massive feedback about applying such in The Witcher 2. There’s nothing to worry about, as nothing is decided yet. And still, it’s a private opinion.”

The message ends with: “You know Cd Projekt RED’s opinion about DRM, right? ;-)”

The company is well known for not finding much use in DRM methods, with their service offering DRM-free games, even some Ubisoft ones.

Worst case scenario then: The Witcher 2 will use some sort of…*gulp*…sensible DRM.