BFBC2, MOH won’t be outselling MW2, but EA confident of future successes

A quick update on EA’s plans for the FPS market domination; VP and UK general manager Keith Ramsdale has told MCV that while Battlefield: Bad Company 2 won’t outsell Modern Warfare 2, it did lay a foundation.

“It’s been great,” he says. “The press reaction has been focused largely on how good the multiplayer is. It’s now recognised as genre defining, and the way the market’s going, that’s key.”

EA has long said that the DICE shooter and Medal of Honor will be the two titles it’s battling Call of Duty with this year. Bad Company 2 released in March and managed to exceed EA’s own sales expectations, while Medal of Honor was recently dated for a worldwide launch in October, almost a full month before Call of Duty: Black Ops.

“Are we going to beat Modern Warfare sales this year with any single title? No,” Ramsdale concedes. “But do we have a long-term goal of taking more market share or possibly growing the market? Yes.”