More darkness, humor in Mass Effect 3

Those who enjoyed the back and forths between Normandy pilot Joker and on-board artificial intelligence EDI in Mass Effect 2 will be glad to know that the two are to make a return in Mass Effect 3, and by the sounds of it be their misfit selves.

Mass Effect 2 was always touted as the dark middle chapter in the sci-fi trilogy, yet the pair offered some comedic interludes in the otherwise doom and gloom storyline; something that will return in the next game and, going by franchise executive producer Casey Hudson’s words, things might even get amped up a tad.

“…the second story in a trilogy is where you traditionally end up in a fairly dark place. The third story is where you try and bring some fun and lightness back into it,” he explains.

“One thing we tried to do with Mass Effect 2 was as well as bringing in the more mature stuff, we also tried to bring in a lot more humor so that we can go to these places without making it an overbearing experience.

The third game is still not being talked about too much, Hudson also says, but believes BioWare will have “a lot more fun this time through characters like Joker and EDI.”

Mass Effect 3 is going to be the epic conclusion… so, a lot more darkness but also a lot more humor.”

And planet scans. And possibly multiplayer.