Dead Space Extraction port appears to be happening

Dead Space Extraction on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 is really happening, it seems.

The long standing rumor got a substantial amount of extra ammunition today as EA rendering engineer Mathieu Gauthier made the mistake of including his current doings at EA Montreal on his LinkedIn profile; from February of this year to present day, Gauthier has been kept busy with a “Dead Space Extraction XBLA/PSN port”.

“Currently porting the popular Wii title based on EuroCom’s EngineX to XBLA and PSN,” reads the profile. Or read, rather, before it was updated and the bit removed. Google has cached the page as it once was and still shows the entry though. As does Gauthier’s personal portfolio site.

So, looks like there just might be some pre-Dead Space 2 limb cutting in our future.