Dirt 3 development “well underway”

Not only is it in the making as casually mentioned on a few occasions, the development of Dirt 3 is “well underway,” developer Codemasters has revealed.

Brand manager Edward Newby-Robson has recently spoken quite openly about the unannounced game and the studio’s approach to its development.

“The racing studio is already well underway with the next project and continues to develop the EGO engine and push in-house technology to bring new consumer benefits,” he’s told MCV. “Some features which have as yet not been seen in a Codemasters Rally Studio game will make a welcome return and, of course, it wouldn’t be a Codies game without some new surprises.”

Codemasters is also trying to ensure the game beats its predecessor’s sales numbers — with 1.7 million copies sold worldwide, Dirt 2 is the fastest and best-selling game in the series — by pulling in more a casual audience while still keeping the current community intact.

“Both the brand and development teams have taken great pains to understand our racing community to ensure that future Dirt titles are built with them in mind, whilst keeping the mainstream appeal that the broader range of consumers demand.”

Though even now, Newby-Robson says stats from Dirt.net show, “a major proportion of players are more casual than ever”.