Third Alan Wake DLC may not come this year, after all

The release window for Alan Wake‘s third piece of downloadable content — said yesterday to be out “later on this year” by Remedy managing director Matias Myllyrinne — was apparently an oopsie.

“My Snafu? 3rd. add-on for Wake this year is a misunderstanding that sadly happens over the phone sometimes,” Myllyrinne clarified via Twitter today.

G4 followed up on the tweet and were told that the third DLC would in fact not be coming this year, “unless the audience wants more dlc add-ons”.

“A couple, is what we set out to do,” Myllyrinne says. “I dig it and it is intriguing cool stuff.”

So concrete knowledge of two add-on packs — the first of which, The Signal, is out on July 27 — will have to do for now.