Contra comes to XBLA/PSN with new Hard Corps game

Contra: Hard Corps hasn’t been heard of since the days of the SEGA Genesis, but it’s now set to get a spiritual sequel in the form of Hard Corps: Uprising. You might note that Contra isn’t actually in the game’s title, but IGN insists that it’s still very much a new entry in the series.

Uprising boasts a more anime look than you might associate with a title from this series, but the gameplay is pretty much in line with what you’d expect; running from left to right shooting everything in sight. Players get a choice of 2 characters, and also 2 modes. The normal mode will please the biggest of Contra fans; one shot and you’re dead, but a new Rising Mode allows you to get hit 3 times before you meet your maker.

Arc System Works are heading this one up, who you may recall for their work on Guilty Gear and, more recently BlazBlue.

Hard Corps: Uprising is set to hit XBLA/PSN in the Winter.