Dragon Age, Mass Effect 2 DLC “really, really successful”

Dragon Age: Origins and Mass Effect 2 are solid long-term digital businesses for BioWare, founding doctors and executives Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk have revealed. While the men don’t give any specific numbers, they’ve deemed the downloadable content for both games to be “really, really successful”.

“We’re selling a lot of post-release content on both games, and that’s been really, really successful,” Muzyka said in a recent interview. “It’s almost like a virtuous cycle of, ‘we make great stuff, and the fans paid for it, and we get to make more good stuff.’”

All BioWare games are thought of as continually updated platforms, he adds, “whether we’re supporting them through subscriptions like an MMO like Star Wars The Old Republic, or episodic delivery of content, post release downloadable or expansions like the Awakening expansion of Dragon Age“.

It’s about “creating that long term relationship with the consumer,” Zeschuk adds. “Cerberus [Mass Effect 2‘s in-game news and content delivery portal], for example. It’s quite literally a service … What it’s really about is the more general longer-term monetization… you know, we’ve had no DVD business, like the movie business had. You release your game, and whatever happens, happens. This gives us actually a longer-term perspective. It actually allows us to look a little more, even just more than regular retail… a little more subscription-based business.”

“It’s not the same, but it just keeps it going.”