Earthworm Jim remake priced and dated

Director of Programming for Xbox Live Larry Hryb, or rather Major Nelson as he’s known to gamers at large, has posted some upcoming Xbox Live Marketplace content on his blog. Most of it includes some deals of the week, and the arrival of Red Faction: Guerrilla and Need for Speed: Undercover on Xbox Live Games on Demand, but more importantly was the mention of Earthworm Jim HD. We knew it was coming, once gamers made their choice, but when and for how much has been somewhat of a dizzy, foggy conundrum.

According to Hryb, the remake will be hitting Xbox Live Arcade on June 9th, that’s next Wednesday, and will cost a not-so unexpected, but now known, 800 MS Points. Now, given the fact that most of us — or at least four — rushed to Sega’s site to vote for Jim, it would only be right that we go get him once he’s off the leash next week.