Infamous 2 electrifies new Gameinformer… Cole has hair!

Okay, so we thought having announced SOCOM 4, Killzone 3 and LittleBigPlanet 2 before E3, Sony would play its cards close to the chest for now and save big announcements like Infamous 2 for the show.

Boy were we wrong, and Gameinformer is rubbing it in our faces with a big ol’ picture of Infamous 2 on the cover for their July issue. Yes, Cole MacGrath is back and this time he’s sporting a beard and hair, moving away from his decidedly generic look in the original.

We’re lacking on the info side right now, but the preview promises a new city, new powers, and a new enemy. The cover also features a glance at the new setting, which seems to be on fire. Cole is also running from a helicopter; trouble with the police maybe?

So… what’s left for E3? Some gameplay, hopefully. More details on Sucker Punch’ next outing when the issue hits later.